Saturday, 26 March 2016

Top 10 Pranks to do on April 1st

Here are the top 10 pranks that you can do on April 1st.

  1. If you wanted to scare away those do-goody types, and then make them realize how stupid they are, get these Sound Activated Kicking Legs. People would think that someone is trapped in the dustbin, under the table or even in the toilet seat. Only to realize that a sick joke had been played against them!
  2. If you know someone who suffers from arachnophobia, you could go ahead and place this cool RC Black Widow on their neck when they are sleeping. When they wake up, use the remote control to make the spider crawl all over them. You could use this against that skank who stole your boyfriend.
  3. If you had that annoying kid who always begged you to get gifts when you went out, get him this cool MP3 Grenade and pretend to throw at him. When it does not blast, throw it again at him and then reveal that it is a harmless MP3 player.
  4. If you were always scared that someone would play a terrible prank on you when you were in your office cubicle, you could get this gadget to be on your guard. It makes the sounds you want to alert you when someone passes your cubicle.
  5. If you know someone who hates it when toilet lids are kept open, you should get one of these Toilet Monsters. These monsters would scare away your poor victim with scary screams and gestures.
  6. If you wanted to embarrass those tight lipped prudes, all you would need to do is use these key chains in front of everyone and declare that they are either virgins (They are so old, and still a virgin?) or that they are Gay or that no d*%k was not detected. It sure would cause uproarious laughter amongst everyone and major embarrassment to everyone else.
  7. There are a number of people who hate cockroaches, and there is no better a prank than a few remote controlled cockroaches hovering above the head of your victim. Certainly a very distasteful prank to pull.
  8. Here is an amazing prank called the Fake Pregnancy Test that you could use against your boyfriend or partner. Imagine him squeal in terror when he learns that all contraceptives went wrong, and you still got knocked up!
  9. Gift wrap these prechewed pencils and give it to your kid and ask him to study well with that genuine concern on your face. He would thank you for being such a cool parent after a while!
  10. These come with some really interesting images. In fact, you could give a box that says “Beer Beard” to someone and drive them crazy till they open the box to realize that there is nothing inside, or maybe something that they always wanted. It’s a more civil prank.
Hope you loved these pranks. havaa nice dayahead.

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