Saturday, 26 March 2016

Best April Fools Day Pranks for Friends

Some of your friends might be extra cautious,when it comes to SMS pranks they won't be fooled that easy.
You need to follow a different strategy inorder to prank those kind of friends.

Real life pranks helps a lot in such cases.

In this post, I will present some of the real life pranks that you can implement on your friends on the day of April Fool.

  • Go to college. Decide the target of the prank. Discuss with everyone. Make sure that everyone, I mean each and everyone stares at the target person, the moment he/sheenters the class room. Shocked!!
  • Change your outgoing voicemail message to “Hello? … Hello? You are an April fool!!
  • Change your friends mobile language from English to other languages.
  • Write a suicide note with your friend's name as reason for the death!!
  • Purchase some realistic insects and place it on socks, shoes, bath tub...
  • Place shave foam on hands of a sleeping person, tickle his nose.
  • Snake, snake prank. Fool your friends, mom, dad. Do it strategically.
  • Call your friend with an anonymous number. Fool him, like "Why are you calling me often?". Record the voice. Play it and make him a fool infront of your friends.
    Hire a person for this. Be realistic.
    If you were fooled for some reasons, edit the recorded audio, so that it seems like he/she got fooled.
  • Double april fool! Tell him the unbelievable truth. He won't trust you. Then say, "You were fooled. I said the truth".
  • Stuff toilet paper with something yellowish and sticky. Turmeric??
  • Block the remote sensor with transparent tape.
  • Fill hand washing tube with something really sticky. Gum, glue?
Hope you loved these one-liner April Fools' day prank ideas.
After reading this, I think you got some more ideas. Becuase I've tapped to the creative side of your brain.

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