Saturday, 26 March 2016

How to Generate prank Ideas to Rock this April Fools Day

Generating pank ideas for this April fools day, may be a daunting task for you. Read this blog post thoroughly. Because this blog post helps you to create never-ending list of pranks on your own that are effective in fooling your friends and other people.

Get through thoroughly.

More and more pranks are circulating online people are aware of the common pranks that are made to them on April Fools' Day.

Here is an idea single idea that gives rise to more ideas of of what kind of pranks that you can do to your friends and relatives.

Ask them to press F13 key on the keyboard so that something amazing will happen to their computer.

Like this a try something different, that many of the people do not recognise.

Another example is,
it is a universal fact that human body has 32 teeth. By them different something like, 20% of the people have that 33 teeth in their mouth. If that is so they are special.
This arouses curiosity in them and they check whether they have 33 teeth. Guess what? They are fooled on April Fools' Day.

Do not make the pranks like, today, Barack Obama followed me. Try something simple like today a state singer followed me on Twitter. That's something worth believing in.

It is just an example all I wanted to say is that by something simple and fool your friends in a simple way. Simplistic way works a lot in fooling.

Another way is to do a double fool.

It is like saying some things that is literally true. Watching them resisting to believe the real truth, on April Fools' Day.

I carried out this when I was in high school. This is not a joke.

It was a previous day of April Fools' Day. Some shopkeepers, stopped me along with my friends to take a photo of ours. Because there are some construction going on there they need to show them to the government officials. It is not clear to me. I do not remember the exact reason.

The next day, we told our other friends that we were photographed yesterday. They denied that. Because that day was April Fools' Day. Now the fools are the other friends who denied the truth.

Like this say something that's truth, watch them denying it.
Ain't it cool?

Like this you can make your creative mind generate more and more prank ideas that are unique and creative.
Give some work to your creative mind. Generate prank ideas and share it on online forums or websites. You will receive a great deal of appreciation from other audience.

If you found this post helpful then to share it and help others to generate more and more ideas so that it will be more fun for all of us. 
Let's enjoy this april fools day with more and more new ideas

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