Friday, 25 March 2016

Office April Fool Pranks To Play With Colleagues

Office April Fool Pranks, April Fool Pranks for Office, Office Pranks on April Fool : For the jokesters of the world, April Fools’ is the favourite holiday, especially if the target of a prank isn’t expecting it. Many typical gags involve monkey-wrenching morning rituals by super gluing the shampoo top or adding food colouring to toothbrushes, but technology lets unsuspecting victims to be tricked in a new way, by SMS. Here we are sharing some Office April Fool Pranks to share with your friends and make fool of them.

Office April Fool Pranks

So, keep reading this article and stay tuned to this page only, to find some of the best, most hilarious and funniest Office April Fool Pranks, which you will be really happy to share on the very 1st Day of April, renowned as the April Fool’s Day. And also on this site, we have shared already a lot of other relevant content, which you can share and use to make pranks on your friends, to grab a nice laugh with them. Enjoy.

Best Office April Fool Pranks:

  • Trap Drawer
    Rig a party popper to detonate when your victim opens their desk drawer. Use strong tape to attach the party popper to the inside of the desk, right above the top drawer. Close the drawer almost completely, then tape the string of the popper to the inside front of the drawer (if necessary lengthen the string slightly with another piece of string). Be sure to angle the popper so it will not explode in your victim’s face.
  • Terrible Typo
    This one takes a small investment, but it’s worth it. Borrow one of your victim’s business cards and have it duplicated, but change one small thing–the spelling of their last name, or their job title, for instance. Sneak in and replace your victim’s cards with the new ones. When the time is right, casually ‘notice’ the mistake. Your victim will freak out thinking they’ve been handing out business cards with a typo on them! (Can also be done with their resume, important projects that they’ve already turned in, etc.)
  • Crazy Cursor
    Plug a wireless mouse into your victim’s computer. Go to a nearby location and wiggle the mouse around. They will wonder why their computer is freaking out.
  • Virtual Post-Its
    Have you ever seen the prank where you put hundreds of post-its all over someone’s office? Well, you can pull a mini version of this by putting virtual post its all over someone’s computer desktop! To create post-its in Windows 7, click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Sticky Notes.
  • Drippy
    Use a pin to make a few small holes in a plastic disposable cup. The holes should be near the top, just below the rim. Offer a drink to the victim and watch while the liquid dribbles out onto their shirt when they take a drink.
So, this was our funny collection of the funniest and most shared April Fool Quotes. We believe that these would have had tickled you in the laughter bone. And you shared these with friends.

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