Friday, 25 March 2016

Funny April Fools Jokes: Medium level Pranks

I hope you had enjoyed the simple April Fool Pranks that can be used against your friends, relatives, neighbors and even with kids. Even If you are more interested on funny April Fools jokes, let’s check the following jokes. Unlike the simple ones, this is medium type pranks. Only Try this if you have sure about that. You will be the April Fool, if this happens to you.

Funny April Fools Jokes for kidding your Friends

Swap Signs of Men’s and Women’s Toilet
I don’t Know where to apply this prank. Simply take the Gents and Ladies Toilet Sign Boards and Swap it. This prank may work in offices too. But Don’t take too much risks.

Add an “I” Between Neighbors ”TO LET” Property
Do your Neighbor have a property to let and did he have a sign board showing “TO LET”? Now its the time to add a “I” Between the two words. TO LET Changes to TOILET. This will work fine if your eighbour have a property at busy place. Don’t made a chance to quarrel with them.

Paint Soap With Nail Polish
This can be done inf office and any place that have a toilet. I Believes that all of you use a soap after finishing your needs inside a toilet. Paint the Soap with a Neil Polish so that the soap won’t work until it cut into two pieces.
Play with PC Desktop
Do your friend have a PC? Now get access to it and create a screenshot of the desktop. This can be made using Print Screen Key. Now Hide all desktop icons and replace the wall paper with the current screenshot. This will exactly look like a desktop screen. When your target opens the Computer and try to click on icons, he may look wired. You can see that he calls a computer service center if he have less Computer knowledge.
Change Cloth every hour
Are you working at an office without any dress code? Have at least Five pairs of cloths and change it on equal interval of time. Now behave like nothing different. At least one of your Co-Worker get confused.

Change your Birthday to April 1 on Facebook
Change your birthday status to 1st April before 1 or 2 weeks of April fool day. Now all of your friends wish you on that day and most of them say you are a fool. At the very last moment just explore the truth.

Have you joke your friends or neighbors with any other good jokes? You can add those Funny April Fools Jokes right below this article. We appreciate your input.

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