Friday, 25 March 2016

April Fools Day Pranks on Friend's PC Mouse and Keyboard

We are so addicted to digital age. We can't even lead a single day of life without digital devices. PC and laptops are not exceptions.
Previously I written about mobile april fools day pranks.

Today, I'm gonna present you some of the pranks that you can play with your friend's PC.

Mouse mess

Switch primary and secondary mouse buttons.

Speed or slow up the mouse pointer speed.
Max up the number of lines to be scrolled on scrolling. Your friends get messed up when they try to scroll with the mouse!
Stick a sticky thing to the mouse.
Block the mouse sensor with APRIL FOOL!!
Replace mouse with an actual toy mouse.

Killer april fool mouse prank

Download the software X-Mouse Button Control.
It lets you activate certain Window features on mouse clicks. Set up and mess up.
Like "Activate Monitor Power Saving", "Activate Screensaver", Undo, Escape, etc...
By exploring the software a little bit, you can easily learn to craft effective pranks to trick your friend this April Fools day.
In Apple Mac, you can make use of Magic Mouse.
Your friend may find their mouse completely unusable.
Hope you loved these April Fools day pranks that can be played on your friends PC.
Stay tuned for more pranks and updates.

Keyboard mess

Remap keyboard keys.
If you type "A", it will register "Z"as  input.
The softwares that makes this possible are KeyTweak  and SharpKeys.
This software as actually meant to replace broken keys with something else.
You can use the same to prank your friends on this April Fools day.
You can even play with friend PC autocorrect.
Whenever they type "Hello" it would autocorrect it to "Good Bye".
You can use PhraseExpress.
Grow some crops

Remove all the keys from the keyboard, seed some plants.
Make this happen overnight. Find out a quick sprouting seed to play the game.
Like this you can play some pranks on your friends' PC mouse and keyboard on this April Fools' day.

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