Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy April fools practical jokes For kids | Children Jokes 2016

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April fools is coming and kids are very excited to play a prank on their friends on April fools days and our site is good for these pranks

  1. Turn your house upside down: Turn photos, toys, and furniture everything upside down the night before.
  1. What’s That in Your Apple? For a fruity April Fool’s practical joke, get a few gummy wormsand carefully poke them into fresh fruit, particularly apples. Give mom or dad a wormy apple for lunch and leave a few apples on the table for friends and family members to snack on.


  1. Replace Oreo cream-filling: Scraping out the oreo cream and fill it with toothpaste and offer yummy toothpaste oreo to kids.
  1. Pretend to Sneeze: Take Cup of some water in your hand and pretend to sneeze on the back of someone’s head.
  1. Chocolate Phone: Replace your teen’s cell phone with chocolate or jelly version before they leave for school. They’ll wonder if they should dial it or eat it.
  1. Got Milk? : Add few drops of food colouring in milk. add any blue green colour instead of pink yellow.  It’s harmless April fool prank but results are very colourful.

april fools pranks to play on your boyfriend good april fools jokes for your boyfriend

  1. Switch the keys: Switch around random keys on someone’s keyboard who isn’t a very good typist.
  1. Rotate screen: Rotate the screen of desktop by changing its setting.
  1. Switch bed: When your kids are sleeping switch them into other’s bed. Your kid gonna be confused how he came to another bed.
  1. Leave a message: Take your friends cell phone and tape it under a chair or desk or you can hide somewhere safe place and then start calling. Watch them try to find the cell phone.

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