Monday, 28 March 2016

Best April fool pranks for kids

Clothes Away >New<

When your kid get sleep
Just make him Naked.

it will be very surprising where did his clothes gone ;)

Sleep on Strange place >New<

When your kids got sleep
Change his bed (or you can put him any strange place like kitchen)

Ready to capture His face , when he woke up :)

Make their faces weird >New<

Make mustaches, beards and uni-brows on your kids face while they are sleeping,
And also write tag like "Happy April fool's day" on forehead using washable temporaray marker.

A complain from School Teacher >New<

At 1st april day when your child come to HOme from school .

Ask him angerly , Son what the Hell you did in School , I got a phone call about your complain from your principle :p

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