Friday, 25 March 2016

Random April Fools Pranks List #2

This is the continuation of my previous list that is April fools day prank list #1 on a previous blog post. Now i am back with a fresh prank ideas.

I will get you some of the prank ideas list that you can modify or alter to create your own you prank ideas for this april fool day.

  1. Turn every setting in someone’s car to the maximum: the heat, the radio, the wipers, the seats, etc.
  2. Place a small piece of Post-it note over the ball under someone’s computer mouse so that it won’t 
  3. Rearrange somebody’s drawers or file cabinets in a different order.
  4. Conference call two people then don’t say anything, just listen.
  5.  First year in college, I moved my roommate’s things and bed to a different room. Told him he got robbed.
  6. Discreetly place some bubble wrap around the rim of the toilet bow
  7. The latest television features provide many optionshome pranks. If you know what buttons to push, you can create maximum annoyance with minimal effort.
  8. While two people are sleeping, pick them up and place them in each other's beds so they wake up completely confused. 
  9. Everyone dreams of winning millions of dollars in the lottery! Record the lottery drawing on the nightly news using the PVR
  10. Clean out an empty mayonnaise jar with the label still clearly attached. Put some vanilla yogurt in there instead.
Hope you loved this list of april fool prank ideas.
Tune in for more.

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