Monday, 28 March 2016

Best April fool ideas 2016

April fool Idea No 1 - Gadha ban gya

Take a Paper & Write on it
"Ise palto kuch ban jayega"
On other side write
"Gadha ban Gya :p "

Put the paper anywhere & see the uneven faces :)

April fools Idea no 2 - Crazy Computer

Purchase a   wireless mouse   & put the receiver on to victim's pc.
Now when he start to use his computer , 
Just   make him crazy by moving your mouse   :)

April fools Idea no 3 - Cookie become toothpaste

Take an Oreo (Or any other cream Biscuit)
.Take off outsides
Scrap the Middle Cream layer
Put ToothPaste in middle 

Now just put it to your dad :)

April fools Idea no 4 - Sugar become Salt

It's just a Little prank with your family

If you have a little holder for Salt / Sugar

Then Just replace sugar with Salt & be ready to watch exteme faces of your friends & family.
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