Saturday, 26 March 2016

Great Pranks to Pull on Your Friends this April Fools Day

Here are some of the great April fools day pranks that you can pull out on your friends, family friends.

I'm gonna present you these pranks in the form of images. The images are easily understandable.

Assume like, I've no time to write thoese long long blog posts. So I'm making the things simple, both for me and you. I want a message to convey, I'm conveying it.

I also provide some description for the images. Happy April fools pranking.

Wear this backpack and go to college.

Try this with your hostel roommate

Paste a broken screen guard

Invert the computer monitor

You know what it is!!

Block mouse sensor and say. April fool


Plant some crops. Go green this April fools day

These are the april fools pranks, that you can try with your friends, family members. Make sure that nonig goes wrong.

You may break your keyboard, or mark with permanent marker on a face!

Or in the first case, don't let any one literally KICK on your butt.


That's all folks. Expect my future blog posts.

Here are some of the great post till date,

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