Friday, 25 March 2016

Best April Fool Office Pranks Part 2

These are some of the best office pranks that you can do on April Fools' day.

  • Took a subtle photograph of him and after that cut and stuck his head to all the heads on the work environment security blurbs around the workplace and got associates to arbitrarily salute him on his dedication to work environment wellbeing (took him 2 months to take note). 
  • Took a print-screen of his desktop, spared it as his setting then shrouded all the symbols on the desktop. (So they showed up there, however didn't work. He thought his PC was solidified and went crazy). 
  • Concealed a doorbell in his office and stuffed tissues around it. I press it infrequently and it makes him distraught on the grounds that he can't discover it. He meets expectations in a fishbowl office so its splendid to watch. 
  • (Pending) I'm anticipating changing his auto-right on his messages to supplant "I" with his name. Thusly it will sound like he alludes to himself in the third individual. "john feel that report is extraordinary". (I think I've held off on this hitherto on the grounds that it could have some terrible repercussions...)

  • Purchase a coal-scoop, bring it to your supervisors office. Simply remain there with it until he begins making inquiries. At that point stick the scoop in his face until you are escorted off the premises. 
  • Put Toilet tissue before someones entryway they think its simply toiles paper so they run into it however conceal a major heap of jars so they fall into them aswell additionally cover the bathroom tissue in sticky paste!

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