Saturday, 26 March 2016

April fools Day pranks for Office.

Office work can be really boring let's take the opportunity of april fools day. Let's do some pranks on your coworkers so that April fools day would be great.
Here are some of the price that you can play on your co-workers while in office on april fools day.
  • Write a secret note on a paper slip. Stick it in the printer. Your colleagues anxious to see what is written on sleep try to remove that slip out of the printer.
  • Change the keyboard mapping on your coworkers PC.
    April Fools Prank Ideas to Play on your Friends' PC or laptop
  • Call your co workers mobile with a wrong number and scold him.
  • Wrap up all the computers in your office.
  • Push some ballons to your boss's office room
  • Put the  co-workers bootle in freezer. Whil carrying out he will carry rock...
  • Do the same for his coat, soak it in water and freeze it.
  • Play a farting player and place the player stealthily beside your co-workers.
  • Spray some laughing gas and make the office laugh for no reason.
  • Place some liquid color packets beside the keyword. On every key press, splash!!
  • Pour some fake blood and a knife infrom of your Boss' office door. Make your other colleagues look anxious looking at the blood. But please don't wait until someone calls police.
Hope you found these pranks helpful in making your working areamore funful on April fools day.
Make something out of your busy hectic schedule and  make a way for good pranks and fun.
Most of the people treat working area as the most boring place prove that wrong by making fun of yourselves on this April fools day.
Wait for more pranks.

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