Friday, 25 March 2016

Best and Funny April fools pranks for boyfriend

You may got a new boy friend on last valentines day. Or you have an existing boy friend. What ever may be it, want some April fools pranks for boyfriend? We had prepared awesome collection of April fools jokes that can be done against your boy friend. Before that welcome you to read some of our April fools gifts. Please take a look on our Fools day status and funny april fools jokes. In our simple April fools jokes collection we had included several jokes that can be tested on various levels. Now take a look on this article.

Good April fools pranks for boyfriend

1. Photoshop your photo
Are you interested in editing your own photos? OR do you have some skills in Photoshop? Then edit your own photo [I don't tell how to edit. But it should give a shock as well as joke for your boy friend]. Got an IDEA? Now open and start editing. Later ask your another friend to sent it to your boyfriend.
2. Tell that your marriage Fixed
Looking this title many of you directly go and tell them that your marriage fixed. Don’t do this type of foolishness. Because you as well as your boyfriend realize that it is a fools day. So plan with clean evidence. That means you should plan and start the prank one or two days before the 1st April.
 3. Became a Ghost
Are your Boy Friend Afraid of horrible things like Ghosts? Then this is the best opportunity to joke them. Prepare yourself like a Ghost. You should play some background music for clean situation. This won’t work if your friend is a strong guy who have no faith in such things. Don’t last the scene until he get a mental shock.
4. Act as pregnant
Have you made any relationship with your boyfriend? Then this would be the best opportunity to prank him. But I don’t think that this is a good idea. I am against this play. But if anyone interested play a drama.
5. For Cake Lovers
Create a fake cake yourself. I mean full of creams outside and nothing inside. Give it to your boyfriend and tell that you had cooked it. With in a moment he will start eating it. [Be careful with a good cake. If your friend take this negatively, he would kill you]

These are some of the best April fools pranks for boyfriend. You can play with care. If you had successfully played any other jokes, please comment here. We will add your jokes with in one hour.

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