Friday, 25 March 2016

April Fool Pranks for Friends On April Fools Day

Good April Fools Pranks 2016 Here we are sharing with our friends and all our dear readers, these hilariously funny April Fool Pranks for Friends, which will make you laugh out loud and you might just roll on the floor laughing as well, when you play these pranks on your friends. We hope these help you to have true fun. Enjoy reading below.

April Fool Pranks for Friends

So, here on this page of our site, we are sharing some of the most hilariously funny April Fool Pranks for Friends, you can simply read the below pranks and play them on your friends, I bet they will be awestruck by these pranks and might just even need to have a minute to be back to normal. So, lets just read the below article and explore and select the best April Fool Friends’ Pranks. And also, we wish you a very happy and Funny April Fool 2016. Enjoy the 1st April, and break bones, not hearts.

April Fool Pranks for Friends:

  • Pickled Head>> NEW <<
    Print out a life-size color photo of a face, or a scary creature. Find a large glass jar. Cut the photo so it fits inside the jar (facing outward with the front of the photo pressed against the glass). Then add some water (if you want, laminate the photo first, or spray with waterproofing spray). Place the jar in the refrigerator. Now… just wait until your victim opens the fridge for a snack – then be ready to shout “April Fool’s!”
  • Bound Gag>> NEW <<
    For this joke, you’ll need tons of rubber bands. Put about a hundred of them around your victim’s cell phone or desk phone. Then call them!
Happy April Fools Day
  • Toilet Surprise>> NEW <<
    Print out a life-size face (this can be anyone-someone in your family, a monster, a celebrity, your victim, or even yourself). Attach it to the underside of the toilet seat facing up. Now close the lid to the toilet. When your victim lifts the lid, they will get a scare!
  • Donuts Don’ts -Make the perfect morning snack for April 1st! Buy some plain donuts. Then coat them in baking powder. Leave them out for your victim. They will look just like powdered-sugar donuts, but taste terrible!
  • Peepers Creepers>> NEW <<
    Print out a life-sized photo of a scary face. Go outside and attach it to a window or skylight (this will work best at night). Now just wait for the frightened reaction of your victim!
So, this was our collection of some of the best April Fool Pranks for Friends, which you can easily share and also play on your best friends, to make them remember that it is 1st April, i.e., The April Fools Day. So Enjoy your day and have lots of fun.

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