Saturday, 26 March 2016

April Fools Prank Ideas to Play on your Friends' PC or laptop

Is your friend addicted to his PC or laptops, even during the April Fools' day?

Then make the most of it!!

Here are some of the short ideas to craft a prank.

1. Change the desktop background to a screenshot. Hide all the icons on the desktop.

Note: You can take screenshot using PrintScreen button on keyboard. Save the image andset it as background. Right click on the desktop and hidfe all the icons.

This is old school prank. But luckiliy many of them fall prey to this prank.

2. Ghost messages

Use PFautotyper. It lets you simulate keyboard presses. You can loop the same message over and over. Like "NSA is watching you".
Scare the shit out of your friend.


Open the notepad. Type in.

set wshshell = wscript.CreateObject(“wScript.Shell”) “Notepad”
wscript.sleep 600
wshshell.sendkeys “N”
wscript.sleep 600
wshshell.sendkeys “S”
wscript.sleep 320
wshshell.sendkeys “A”
wscript.sleep 800
wshshell.sendkeys “I”
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys “S”
wscript.sleep 740
wshshell.sendkeys “WATCHING”
wscript.sleep 200
wshshell.sendkeys “Y”
wscript.sleep 70
wshshell.sendkeys “O”
wscript.sleep 620
wshshell.sendkeys “U”
wscript.sleep 70

Save it as example.vbs. Run the file. Or make your friend to run the file  by faking app name and icon.

3. Create a shortcut of an loud MP3 song.
Change the app name and icon to that of Google Chrome. Fire up the speaker volume. Rock on!!

THe goal is to make the icon exactly look like Chrome app.

4. Shut down the computer by displaying annoying messaging
Open NotePad type in:
@echo off
echo”type the title of the dialog box”
shutdown -s -f -t “time interval between shutdown” -c “type a
message you want to appear

Save it as filename.*bat* and select “*all files*”
Create a shortcut of it in desktop and change the icon and name to my computer or other.

5. Now if you click the file, your PC will shutdown within 60 seconds displaying the above text….
Example: @echo off
echo”shame on you”
shutdown -s -f -t 60 -c “Malware has crashed your computer”

Put the file in Windows startup folder. In windows type in shell:startup in Windows charm search box.
Beware. The message suddenly scares your friend!

6. Press *Ctrl + alt + arrow marks* , it will rotate the screen. Enjoy watching your friend working on inverted screen or inverting his monitor.

7. Open NotePad type in
x = msgbox
(“annoying message”,0+16 ,”message from”) ‘
x = msgbox
(“Your computer is
crashed”,0+16 ,”sys 32″) ‘
Save it as  file. vbs* under ‘all files’
Put the file in start-up folder (start programs: start-up) now the message box appears as soon as you turn on your PC.

It appears like, "Message from April Fool".

8. Teamviewer
Install Teamviewer on your mobile. Go to market. Control the friends' computer. Play musics and videos. Scare the hell out of him.

There are many more tools and applications which helps you make your friend a fool this April 1st.

Glad you loved this post.

Have a nice day.

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