Sunday, 27 March 2016

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 Nurse lost her cat in hospital, anyone have female sex organ All women stood up. I mean anyone seen a female sex organ? All men stood up, I mean anyone seen my sex organ, all doctor stood up.

A sexy and attractive female employee meets her boss and says sir will you remove something from my breast?
Boss: what?
Girl: your eyes.

Shop pe Ladki ne 36 ki Bra li or trial room me  kameez uttar ke dukandar ko andr bulaya. Dukandar ne Boobs dekh ke chusna shuru  kar diye jin pe behoshi ki dawa lagi hui thi, Wo behosh ho gaya. Ladki ne shop ka tamam Cash liya & jate hue shishe pe likh gai: Khula Dudh Sehat ke lie Hanikarak Hai !

Fauji's wife daily sends her
nude photo with both legs wide open ...
"Janu, I'll wait like this till you come!"
Fauji: Wo to theek hai,
par photo kaun kheench raha hai??

Husband is praying before going to bed ...
Wife: What are you praying for?
Husband: For guidance.
Wife: Pray for hardness. Leave guidance to me!!

Boy:Hey can i touch ur software?
Girl: first show me ur hardware?


Boy: can i install it in ur system?
Girl: Ok…… but cover it with antivirus, then install it.

T-shirt quotes: now more tastier and healthier, handle with care, tasted by experts, shake well before use, can make boneless thing hard, no one can use just once.

What Is The Difference Between Sky And

Sky Covers The Whole Universe..
Skirt Covers The Universal “HOLE”..!

What's the similarity between school bell and girls hole? When you hit any of these, children come out.

Prof: to keep your character good, think every woman as your mother.
Student: but thinking every woman as my mother will make my fathers character bad.

One night, couple were laying down the husband gently taps
his  wife’s hip and starts rubbing her breast. The wife turns over
and  said: sorry honey, I’ve gynecologist appointment 2morrow and I
want to keep it fresh.”…………………………………..

The husband, dejected, turned over and tried to sleep.
Unable to sleep a few minute later, he taps  his wife shoulder again. This
time he spoke slowly to her:

“Honey,Do you have a dentist appointment 2morrow too?”

A man  was sitting in bus his elbow touched a woman breast.
They are both quite startled.
The man turns to woman and says, ‘Madam, if your heart is as soft as your breast,
I know you’ll forgive me.’
She replies, ‘If your penis is as much hard as your elbow, I’m in room 112. 

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