Saturday, 26 March 2016

April Fools Day Facebook Pranks and Statuses

Facebook is the place where most of your friends, relatives hang on. In order to reach a message to larger number of people at once, a Facebook status alone is enough.

On April Fools day, Facebook is awesome to see.  There will be pranks everywhere.
Its also a beat time for you do some pranks so that your friends will be fooled.

Here is this blog post I will present you some of the Facebook Pranks and statuses that Fools your Facebook friends easily.

Pranks and tricks
Change your Facebook birthday date. This is one of the simple yet very clever way to make your friends as fool. I bet that at least 70% of the active friends will wish you.
Be aware of the Facebook birthday policies.
Because if things go wrong, there will be no friends to wish you on actual birthday.

Swap each other's information in your friends group. When others search for you, they will be confused.

April fool day statuses
1. Yippee (a celebrity) followed me on Twitter. Do not mention popular celebrities. Mention some small ones.

2. I am lucky, because I won a jackpot of $$$$ on this April Fools day. For proof check here. Link to a troll photo.

3. Change your relationship status to open, looking for one, or engages with a person. Because April Fools day is there for your rescue.

4. Send your own friend recommendation to your own friend. There's a Chrome extension for this.

5. Add life event. Got pregnant, got married...

6. Earn $$ by clicking here. Trolled.

7. April Fools day Sale iPhone 6 at $$ only. Trolled. Link to a troll image.

These are some of the Facebook Pranks that you try it on your friends and relatives.

Hope you loved these Facebook Pranks and statuses. Stay tuned in for more.

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